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Omid Barza

I'm Omid Barza

Developer & Leader


Got some nice skills in Magento, PHP and Leadership. Had the chance to work for Takhfifan, RM Innovation, deMiFi and Fardabook.

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Skills Set

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  • Magento 1 / 2
  • PHP / Yii / Laravel
  • Product Owner
  • SW / DB Arch.
  • JS / jQuery
  • Redis / React
  • MySQL
  • HTML / CSS

Work Experience

Got some expertise thanks to my latest jobs
  • Full Stack Developer & Founder


    CODNITIVE started working on Magento few months after first version of Magento was released, and after a year:
    - localized version with support for RTL theme, Persian URLs, calendar and gateways published -
    - use of Magento had significant growth in Iran -
    - had more than 40,000 downloads for "Sidebar Navigation Menu" -
    - got "TOP25" best support award, in Magento Connect -

    Mashhad, Iran
  • Full Stack Developer (Remote)

    Farda Book

    Fardabook was one of the first online stores which launched on Magento in Iran. By launching new website with Magento we:
    - migrated more than 70,000 products, tens thousands of accounts and orders to Magento -
    - made page loading time 5x faster by working on servers scenario -
    - improved Alexa rank from 1400 to 800 in Iran during first year -
    - increased number of orders and sales up to 300% -

    Mashhad, Iran
  • Backend Developer (Remote)


    deMifi was a start up for selling shared Wifi to Europe tourists. Their website template was designed, but new features were needed and I help them to:
    - create new extensions -
    - integrate their template with Magento completely -
    - prepare their website with all needed features and functionalities just in 4 months -

    Mashhad, Iran
  • Back End Developer, Product Owner

    RM Innovation

    Started as Magento backend developer in RMI, but my position changed to B2C team leader just after few weeks. I became product owner later and during my role we could:
    - build our template with 2x faster than third-party templates -
    - develop tens of modules, templates, widgets for our B2C -
    - make 10x to 15x faster page loading time -
    - decrease development time to few days by creating our platform -
    - implement our site builder to create a Magento site just in few minutes -

    Tehran, Iran
  • Product Owner


    By performing Scrum and Scrumban later; we improved development and maintenance process, and we managed to:
    - 5x to 10x faster bug fix process -
    - performe automation system in financial department -
    - get 80% more satisfaction between stakeholders -
    - have 90% more satisfaction between development team -

    Tehran, Iran
  • Full Stack Developer

    I have developed a new custom platform on top of Yii 2 framework to replace it with old website:
    - fully customized PHP / MySQL platform which is developed with Yii2 -
    - designed database and software to make those completely suitable for product -
    - OOP programming with S.O.L.I.D approach -
    - released first version with three products including Bus, Insurance and Tourism reservation system, that was developed in 5 months from scratch -

    Tehran, Iran
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Info & Facts

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  • Coding, Reading, Music, Movie

  • Persian(native), English(medium), French(beginner)

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  • I got my associate degree in Statistics from Azad University of Iran in 2005. After that I start to learn web development and programming in Pasargad Institute and self learning. In 2016 I went to Sajad University of Technology in bachelor's degree of Software Engineering, but I left university one year later and never finished it.


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  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Manager







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